September 10, 2019


Hi Mike,

I cannot thank you and your company enough!
It has been barely 6 months since I installed the Oil Yeller trays and alarms at my home. The system saved my butt and prevented a disaster from occurring in August.

I have a quantity of 4 275 gallon tanks which I had filled last month. One of them began leaking. Oh Boy 1100 gallons of oil!

The smell of the heating oil in my basement alerted me prior to the alarm triggering. HOME RUN! I had the tank which leaked pumped out, shut off the tank drain, cleaned the tray and a small amount on the floor. Disaster averted! Now I am using the remaining 3 tanks which should take me to around April 2020.

Anyway I plan to remove all 4 275 yanks and install 2 new 330 Granby tanks in the Spring. 2 330 tanks is in compliance with the local building code / law.

I would like to purchase from you the following:

2 PA-003 tank trays and 2 EB-002 install kits.

At your convenience could please work up a quote so that I may you and have them delivered /  on hand when I have my new tanks installed.


BTW: Why the tray and alarm system is not building code for all new tank installations is baffling to me!


Your company's products are Top Notch!


Thank you again,

Scituate, RI, USA