President's Message

Welcome to the web site of Oil Yeller. The Oil Yeller leak detection system has been protecting homes with heating oil storage since 1995. Leak detection has now received the confidence of the oil heat industry, insurance, government safety and environmental departments. Local state and provincial governments have recognized the benefits of leak detection for the heating oil storage system and have been promoting the concept in publications or through national and local installation regulations.

Our studies have consistently shown that the entire oil storage system (not just the tank) needs protection from leaks. Overfills, filters, and fuel connections are all sources of leaks. When you equip your indoor heating oil storage system with an “Oil Yeller” leak detection system, along with a double wall piping system (plastic coated oil line), the entire oil storage system can be 100% covered. Depending on your specific requirements, choose the appropriate tank or filter tray along with the alarm system to match your needs. We currently produce a tank tray for every type of domestic tank available in North America.

Oil storage can be clean and safe and offers the security of energy when other sources of energy which rely on a transmission system (natural gas and electric) fail during natural disasters.

Take the step and protect your number one investment, your home! Install a complete leak detection system by Oil Yeller, and let it stand on guard for you!

Please visit our site and determine what equipment your home needs. If you can't find the information you need contact us by email ( or our toll-free number (1-866-645-5325) and our team will be glad to help you.


Michael Freill, P.Eng

Michael Freill, P.Eng, is a professional engineer specializing in oil storage for over 35 years.