Canadian Home Owner

There are two ways to purchase an Oil Yeller Leak Detection System in Canada:

  1. Service Technician
    We highly recommend that you first attempt to purchase your Oil Yeller leak detection system from your local heating oil supplier or service contractor. Many products are only available to purchase through your home heating service provider.
  2. Ordering Online
    If the product is unavailable in your area, or you would like to install a leak detection system we can ship directly to your home. Our Narrow Tank Containment Tray (PA-002), L-shaped Burner Tray (PA-005), Flood Watch Electric Water Heater Tray (PA-006) and the Rectangular Filter Tray (PA-008) can be ordered online.

    When you order online all trays will be shipped with a standard 9V battery alarm (A-003) or, for an extra charge, a security alarm (A-004) can be substituted. Click here to see our alarms. Please complete our online order form or contact us via email to complete your order.

    The PA-001/PA-003 Wide Containment Tray, PA-007 Horizontal Tank Containment Tray, PA-009 Large Rectangular Tray and the PA-010 Square Containment Tray cannot be ordered online because these trays are for new or replacement installation. We recommend finding a local contractor to purchase these trays through our distribution network.