Oil Yeller PA-007

For Horizontal Tank Installations

PA-007 Face

Peace of Mind for Horizontal Tank Installations

This tray is designed to capture leaks from tank failure, over filling, filter and connection leaks. This tray is typically installed under the tank during a new or tank replacement installation. The tank must be lifted into the tray.



  • Horizontally oriented oil storage tanks
  • Horizontal Granby/Vilco SWT models H150, H175 and H200
  • ROTH 1500 liter double wall tank


  • Length: 111.6 cm / 43 15/16" (inside), 126.8 cm / 49 7/8" (outside)
  • Width: 162.6 cm / 64" (inside), 178 cm / 70 1/16" (outside)
  • Height: 8.8 cm / 3 7/16"
  • Containment Capacity: 155 L / 34.1 Imp. gal


Installing a horizontal tank tray is easy, simply place the tank tray on the floor where the tank will be installed. Lift the tank. Place the tank into the tray and adjust to the final install position.

PA-007 Angled

Enhance Your Protection

Choose one of our two alarm models to monitor the system 24 hours a day. Alarms are simply velcro mounted onto any of our Oil Yeller trays.

PA-007 Angled

Product Documentation

Product Specification Sheet

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Product Specification Sheet

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Installation Instructions for PA-007 Horizontal Tank Containment Tray

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