L-Shaped Burner Tray

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Enhanced Protection

Retrofit your existing furnace or boiler with an L-Shape Containment Tray and leak detection alarm.

This tray and alarm system is designed to capture oil leaks from filter, burner, and oil line connection leakage. Note: Depending on which side of the furnace or boiler you want to install the tray you will need 14 inches (35.5cm) of clearance from a wall. For standard boilers this tray will also capture water should a water leak occurs.


L-shape Burner Tray 2


Place around a standard oil fired boiler or furnace. The tray slides under the burner.

Installing a L-Shape tray is easy. Simply slide the tray under the burner area and along the side of the boiler or furnace. Locate the filter and fuel line fittings over the tray area. Click here for installation instructions.

L-shape Burner Tray 2
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The Complete Package

Choose one of our two alarm models to monitor the system 24 hours a day. Alarms are simply velcro mounted onto any of our Oil Yeller trays.

Product Specification Sheet

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Product Specification Sheet

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Installation Instructions for L-Shape Tray (PA-005)

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